VIPEQ® has delivered the certificate of ten-year guarantee to the owners of the recently rehabilitated property in Beriain Street, 6-8 in Pamplona.

The building has undergone a reform of the joint thermal envelope, including roof, metalwork and facade with the aim of limiting the joint energy demand of the building.

As for the facade, VIPEQ THERM SATE INSULATE® has been placed, an ecological outdoor insulation system (SATE / ETICS) consisting of natural corkboard (ICB) plates anchored in the support by means of a polypropylene lug with an expanding nail.Anchored and protected against the weather with lime / cork mortar, reinforced with 4×4 mm fiberglass mesh. Decorative finishing layer projected on cork base VIPEQ F08®.i / p.p. of overlaps, angles, formation of drippers with anti-drip profile, embouchures, special parts of recerco, reinforcements of corners, etc, auxiliary means. This system of isolation supposes a reduction of CO2 emissions superior to 70% with respect to the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Once the work was completed, the commercial manager of Navarra, Rafa Lacomba, presented the guarantee certificate to the owners Jesus Majo, Nieves Pemán, Eduardo Zabaleta, Mari Jose Lizarraga and Peio Ibañez.