In VIPEQ® Academy we train and professionally qualify a working team on VIPEQ® building techniques. Trainings and workshops are divided in different specialization levels, so that knowledge can be developed and to guarantee an optimal high standard training within the sector.

If you are a company working with façade coatings, waterproofing, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation or vertical works, do not hesitate and contact us.

Approval process

The steps to become a VIPEQ® approved applicator are as follows:

  • 1

    Submit a registration request

    Fill in and send the professional form. Once we have the request, we will get back to you to analyze your application.

  • 2

    Basic training course

    If you fulfil our requisites we will send you an invitation to register in our basic training course.

We offer 2 training options

During the course you will learn to Project VIPEQ F08 (normal texture), VIPEQ F09 (thin texture) and STONE VIPEQ (projected color quartz). Furthermore, you will learn about the different solutions on Cork-based External Façade Insulation Systems.

VIPEQ Academy

VIPEQ Academy

Our facilities in Polígono Industrial de Mutilva Baja, Navarre (Spain)

Formación IN COMPANY


In your own facilities with VIPEQ materials and equipment

Advantage of being an approved applicator

VIPEQ® approved applicators enjoy exclusive advantages which make them more competitive.

Estimate requests

Approved applicators get all the estimate requests from constructors and individuals within their influence area.

Working counselling

Approved applicators have a technical line to solve doubts while they are working on site.

Assistance in projecting machines

Approved applicators have a counselling service in order to help them choose the best equipment and tools to fit VIPEQ products.

Issuing of guarantee certificates

Approved applicators can issue guarantee certificates for a 10-year period once they have finished the work.