Sustainable construction, the construction of the future

“Green building worldwide is accelerating and is seen as a long-term business opportunity. 51% of the architects, engineers and constructors, owners and consultants participating in the study anticipate that by 2015 more than 60% of their work will be based on ecological standards, compared to 28% in 2012. The growth of the green economy is not only confined to a geographic area or economy of state – it is spreading across the global construction market ”

World Green Building Trends, Mc Graw-Hill Construction 2013

VIPEQ® Partner, Regional Market Manager

In order to reach all markets, our export policy is based on the figure of the VIPEQ® Partner.

A VIPEQ® Partner is a regional distributor capable of providing technical advice, supplying material and creating a network of applicators capable of perfectly carrying out any project. It is a true dynamizer of the market, connecting supply (applicators) and demand (individuals, construction companies, and specifiers).

VIPEQ® Partner Competencies

In order to carry out the correct performance of all actions in the area, the VIPEQ® Partner must possess the following skills:

Technical advice

It is able to offer technical advice to both architects and technical personnel. You will understand the technical performance of the thermal and acoustic insulation product. You will be able to produce technical reports on application recommendations.

Wide experience

Experience in the construction materials sector such as facade cladding, ETICS / ETICS systems, insulating materials or professional projection equipment.

Technical capacity

It has an adequate logistics infrastructure and the financial capacity to promote the product in the area. It is also capable of advising on application machines and tools necessary for its correct execution.

Solid network of contacts

Excellent relations with the public administration or companies in the sector. Knowing the key players in the sector makes it easier to introduce a new product to the market.

How to become a VIPEQ® Partner?

If you are interested in implementing VIPEQ® solutions and becoming a VIPEQ® Partner, fill out the form.

We are currently considering the following expansion zones: Middle East, Northern Europe, India, China (PRC), Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and the African Continent.

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