VIPEQ® Extrafine MAP is a waterproofing product for roofs or terraces and all kinds of singular points. It is applied with roller or brush and can be reinforced with a fiberglass MAT. Formulated with ecofriendly water-based resins, it is sustainable for the planet.

Its application creates a waterproof layer on the support, remaining fully adhered and seamless to the support without overlaps or ugly patches.

The possibilities of combination with the rest of the VIPEQ® materials is endless. The waterproofing VIPEQ® Extrafine MAP can be enhanced with thermal properties by spraying our VIPEQ® F08 cork on top (Photo 1); combined with MAP VIPEQ® (Photo 2) as a protection; or even with both solutions to achieve maximum performance (Photo 3). Subsequently, it can be covered with hydraulic pavements, terraces, ceramic tiles or others, inserting a separating geotextile sheet. For a hard and abrasion resistant finish, quartz Stone VIPEQ® can be applied on top (Photo 4).

It can also be installed to repair bituminous membranes, gutters, bands, etc. damaged by UV solar radiation as it is UV resistant. It also has a good fire reaction.

With a fine-looking finish and smooth texture, MAP Extrafine VIPEQ® is presented in a white base color, so as not to absorb too much temperature. In addition, it is available in three other colors: Orange, green and gray. Pick your favorite!

MAP Extrafino blanco
MAP Extrafino
MAP Extrafino gris
MAP Extrafino
MAP Extrafino naranja
MAP Extrafino
MAP Extrafino verde
MAP Extrafino

* Approximate color reference.

VIPEQ® Extrafine MAP properties

Extrafine MAP has multiple physical-mechanical properties such as its low density, waterproofing, flexibility, resistance to UV solar radiation and fire.

Easy and fast application

100 % Waterproof

Seamless, no overlaps or ugly patches

High adherence to the support

UV resistance and good fire reaction

Water-based resins: Sustainable construction

Flexible and elastic

Can be reinforced with fiberglass

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