Waterproofing liquid made of water based elastomers with high elasticity. Once the liquid has reticulated with the environment humidity creates a continuous waterproof membrane, without neither joints nor overlaps, and completely waterproof and sealed.


  • To waterproof terraces, balconies, as well as flat and waved coatings, both in new buildings as in deteriorated areas
  • To do wood waterproofing work prior to applying VIPEQ THERM products (VIPEQ F08, F09, F10 y CorkFix)
  • To waterproof coatings and roofs when there are water leakages, prior to applying VIPEQ F10
  • Ceramic pavement can be used as a coating over this product


  • Great adherence over concrete surfaces, ceramic, wood, cement, polyurethane foam, butyl, metal or asphalt sheets…)
  • Its high elasticity enables to fill cracks and to bear light substrate movements
  • Pedestrian passable


  • High waterproofing properties (it is advised to apply to cross layers)
  • UV Rays-resistance
  • High superficial adherence
  • It does not yellow


Colour Transparent
Composition Polyurethane and acrylic resins
Density 1+-0,1 Kg/l
Solid content 50% in weight

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