VIPEQ® F10 is a mixture of cork granules, water-based acrylic resins, organic polymers, mineral fillers and additives with waterproofing properties.

The characteristics of its composition make it the perfect material for coating non-walkable roofs and terraces, asbestos encapsulation and aesthetic renovation of buildings.

VIPEQ® F10 extends the useful life of all materials exposed to atmospheric agents on roofs such as tiles, corrugated sheet, corrugated iron and tegola, avoiding the risk of leaks.

Appearance Paste-like product
Final texture Fine and coarse finish
Density 0.5 – 0.7 g/cm3
Granulometry 0.5 – 0.8 mm / 0.4 – 0.5 mm
Fire reaction (UNE-EN 13501:2002) Bs2d0 and Broof (t1)


VIPEQ® F10 is available in a wide colour range

The composition of VIPEQ® F10 allows us to manufacture it in the entire range of RAL and NCS colors, depending on the needs of our customers. Thanks to this, the waterproofing of the roof of a building or the encapsulation of asbestos can be used in turn to give a new decorative touch to the building.

VIPEQ® F10 Properties

VIPEQ® F10 is a multipurpose product that allows creating a protective membrane on roofs and areas exposed to water, providing waterproofing and thermal correction in the same application.

Impermeable a la lluvia

Waterproof to rain

His special composition of resins give it waterproof properties. It can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Aislamiento acústico

Acoustic conditioner

Shock absorber (drum effect) produced by rain.



It avoids the appearance of cracks and fissures in the covering material of the roof system and that have been produced by movements, whether structural, thermal or due to incorrect installation.
Baja conductividad

Low conductivity

It acts as a thermal corrector in thermal bridges, applied to unique exterior elements such as cornices, moldings, arches, balcony projections, and slab fronts. Very low conductivity of both heat and sound or vibrations.

Thermal conductivity scale λ (W/mK)

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