MAP VIPEQ® is a waterproofing that is applied cold sprayed and it is formulated based on recycled rubber particles agglomerated with additives for waterproofing roofs or terraces.

Its application creates a waterproof sheet on flat roofs, roofs and terraces. Fully adhered to the support and without ugly joints, seams, overlaps or patches. We can leave our waterproofing visible for a practicable or passable use, in addition to being able to complement it by projecting VIPEQ® cork to obtain a thermal improvement or Stone VIPEQ® quartz to protect it. Also, it can be covered with hydraulic pavements, terraces, ceramic or others, interposing a geotextile separating sheet.

It can also be used to repair asphalt sheets, valley, bands, etc. damaged by sunlight.

Its resistance to UV rays is certified. Also his reaction to fire.

With a grainy-looking finish and rough texture, MAP has the sealing certified according to UNE-EN 1928: 2000 Method A by ENAC accredited laboratory. It is available in black, gray, green and terracotta.

*Approximate color references.

MAP VIPEQ® Properties

MAP VIPEQ® has multiple physical-mechanical properties such as its low density, impermeability, and its improvement at a thermal, acoustic and vibratory level.

100 % Waterproof

No joints, overlaps, seams or ugly patches

Complete adhesion to the support

Recycled material Sustainable construction

UV resistance

Broof Fire reaction

Flexible and elastic

It can be seen. Suitable for practicable and passable use

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