Since 2006, VIPEQ® is focused on producing and distributing natural materials for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and waterproofing buildings both in rehabilitation processes and in new construction sites. Therefore we count with a wide applicators’ network, certified by us as official applicators, to guarantee the right application and installation of all of our materials and services.

We give pieces of advice to both individuals and building professionals all along the building or house rehabilitation process. First, we carry out a diagnosis of the building status of the block or premise, including herein an analysis of the pathologies to be solved. Then, we propose a solution in form of intervention. Ultimately, we supervise the whole process as if it were to be carried out in our own home.

More than 600 works support our expertise in insulation.

Origins and projection

VIPEQ® has its origins in Preparados Químicos de Navarra (PEQUINSA), a company grounded in 1976 by Ramón Millán, a professional and devoted chemist. He developed a new formula with European patent regarding VIPEQ®F08 projected cork emulsion. Due to its success, now we are able to offer a wide range of natural insulations. Since then, we have finished more than 600 works in more than 18 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Chile, Panamá, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Kazakhstan, Greece, Austria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Deutschland and Oman.

Sustainability pushes us forward

We are worried about the environment and the quality of life of the current and future generations. That is the reason why we design our products with sustainable criteria to respect environment and contribute to fight climate change. According to the NASA report on climate, 2015 was the warmest year on Earth since there are temperature registries and this will be a future trend. In VIPEQ® we back the European roadmap towards a lowcarbon economy by 2050. Our work and commitment is to improve home comfort.

VIPEQ® Ecosystem

We are willing to collaborate with enterprises or institutions to develop a “cork high economy”. If you are a professional (industrial designer, architect, material engineer, acoustic engineer…) or an industrial enterprise and you want to explore the possibilities the cork offers, join our ecosystem and we will share our knowledge to find together new solutions to help develop your projects.

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