Cork Fix is ​​an adhesive filler used to protect and regulate insulating materials in VIPEQ®THERM systems. Allows filling gaps and cracks with possible movement. Its adhesive capacity makes it a very useful material for laying all kinds of ceramic and similar coatings on vertical and horizontal interior and exterior walls.

Cork Fix is ​​composed of a cork emulsion with different types of water-based resins, mineral fillers, stabilizers and special additives.

Cork Fix Properties

Cork Fix has multiple physical-mechanical properties such as its low density, impermeability, elasticity, and its improvement at a thermal, acoustic and vibratory level.

Permeable al vapor de agua

Very permeable to water vapor

Avoid possible internal condensation.

Impermeable a la lluvia

Waterproof on vertical surfaces

It acts as a waterproofing adhesive coating for ICB plates, giving it surface resistance.



Its high elasticity allows it to be used for grouting between laminated plasterboard plates and for treating joints on wooden plates. Withstands the stresses of small structural movements.
Baja conductividad

Low conductivity

It acts as a thermal corrector in thermal bridges, applied to unique exterior elements such as cornices, moldings, arches, balcony projections, and slab fronts. Very low conductivity of both heat and sound or vibrations.
Aislamiento térmico y acústico

Anti-vibration and acoustic conditioner

Acoustic absorbent, minimizes impact, exterior and air noises. Vibrations in the floors are reduced and new sound sources are eliminated in the receiving room.

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