VIPEQ THERM SATE SecilVit CORK is a thermal insulating external system like ETICS/EIFS with cork agglomerated boards (ICB) coated with a lime-cork mortar and VIPEQ F08/F09 as final touch. It combines a superior thermal performance with an environmentally efficient accomplishment.

It can be applied in new building and renovation, both in detached houses as in housing, commercial, industrial or sport buildings.

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and cork,

With a highly superior ductility and being able to bear great tensions which may cause cracks, natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and cork aggregated mortars have also a low resistance to steam permeability.


  1. ADHERE Vit ecoCORK
  2. Cork agglomerate insulating board
  3. Mechanical fixation + round covers
  4. Booster grid (glass fibre)
  5. ADHERE Vit ecoCORK Base layer
  6. VIPEQ F08/F09 finish layer
  7. Start profile


Ahorro energético

Energy saving

Its low thermal conductivity ( λ=0.037 W/m.K) promotes a high energetic efficiency, contributing to both money and environmental savings.
Sistema permeable

Permeable system

The humidity in the facing, as steam, must be able to go outside with the minimum resistance. The maximum breathability of the system is the most relevant issue regarding its long-term behaviour.
Respeto al medioambiente

Environmentally friendly

Products such as natural cork with vegetal origin and natural hydraulic lime which absorbs CO2 by carbonation contribute to the sustainability of our planet.
Excelente protección acústica y antivibratoria

Excellent acoustic and vibration protection

Lime and cork combined offer a significant acoustic protection and an excellent vibration protection.

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