In our Company, we remain committed to people.


VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.®, a company dedicated to chemical products trade, states that the quality, preservation and protection of the Environment is a primary objective within its activities, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

In VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.® we believe that the commitment should not only go towards industrial aspects and their environment, but we should go further and commit to society by supporting, participating and promoting initiatives of social and solidarity nature.

The team of our Company, believes that a good education in human values ​​is one of the keys to success in any organization, company or society and that the existence of these values ​​should be part of each person and be present on a day-to-day basis.

VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.® supports and promotes these values ​​by collaborating actively with those groups of society whose situation is less favorable. For this purpose, we collaborate with TASUBINSA, a special employment center and occupational center to promote the personal and social growth and development of people with disabilities.

Thanks to all those who trust VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.®, we can take pride in addition to working for the Environment and for a more caring and sustainable future, also care about being responsible with our society.

Team of VIPEQ HISPANIA 2008 S.L.®