VIPEQ and THERMOFLOC España & Portugal have concluded a collaboration agreement to develope insulation applications. VIPEQ will provide its expertise on cork-based coatings and THERMOFLOC its knowledge on natural cellulose-based insulations. Together we will offer combined solutions regarding insulation, both as external insulation of a building and as indoor insulation through the façade’s air chamber.

Thermofloc nuevo VIPEQ Partner

With this agreement, THERMOFLOC España & Portugal is integrated among our partners network, to Exchange knowledge and commercial collaboration. VIPEQ Partners is a network where companies sharing a common business collaboration spirit connect to take advantage of synergies between them.

One of the most relevant advantages is that the systems are compatible, both in its application and in its product philosophy. Both cork and cellulose are completly environmentally friendly raw materials and they enable to reach a high level of thermal-acoustic comfort at home.