VIPEQ® Therm EIFS in Pamplona, Navarra (Spain)

Pamplona, Comunidad Foral de Navarra
Project description

People fight the cold by adding intermediate layers between us and the weather and, as we know, the better that layer is, the warmer we will be. The same happens with our home. Say NO 🚫 to cold by adding the best “skin” on the outside, with an agglomerated cork plate and covered with our VIPEQ® sprayed cork. In addition to making it more comfortable, you will notice the savings in consumption and your money will not “fly away” 💸. Protect and insulate your home with our VIPEQ®Therm SATE 🏠 system.

The VIPEQ®Therm SATE system is a ETICS type external thermal insulation system based on natural cork agglomerate plates (ICB) coated with cork adhesive and VIPEQ® F08 / F09 finishing, which meets the need for renovation of the facades based on energy criteria providing a renewed image to the building as a whole, and a high degree of flexibility and mechanical resistance 🛡️.

VIPEQ®Therm SATE is a continuous system for the exterior cladding of facades and provides a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection in the opaque area of ​​the building envelope.