VIPEQ® EIFS and VIPEQ® F08 in Madrid, (Spain)

Madrid, Community of Madrid
Project description



Today we want to introduce you to this EIFS work, but what is EIFS system? ….

The EIFS system is a type of thermal insulation in facades that reduces energy demand due to its ability to adapt to the shape of the building, which allows to solve thermal bridges and improve the thermal inertia of the building itself.

Some characteristics of the EIFS system:

  • Elimination of thermal bridges.
  • Savings in housing consumption.
  • Less CO2 emissions.
  • Thermal resistance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Resistance to water.
  • Resistance to fire.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Acoustic insulation.

Work carried out in Madrid, Spain by our APPROVED applicator Empir Impermeabilizaciones y Corcho Proyectado.

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