VIPEQ®Therm EIFS in Triufé, Zamora (Spain)

Triufé, Zamora (Castilla y León)
Project description

Would you like to make your home more comfortable? Would you like to save energy and costs in heating and air conditioning? Coat and insulate your house with our VIPEQ®Therm EIFS system 🏠.

VIPEQ®Therm EIFS system relies on thermal insulating agglomerated natural cork panels (ICB) on the outside face of the façade. Those panels are covered by a regularizing layer of either CORK FIX, or lime mortar with cork particles, and a final coating of VIPEQ® F08/F09. Installing this type of EIFS system not only thermally renovates and improves your façades but also offers a highly flexible, resistant and good-looking coating.

VIPEQ®Therm EIFS is a continuous system for your façades that highly improves the acoustic insulation as well.