VIDEO | MAP VIPEQ® on roof in Madrid (Spain)

Project description

As you already know, VIPEQ® has presented its new product focused on construction professionals, for the formation of waterproofing, both for new construction and for renovations.

It is our Projected Asphalt Membrane (MAP). And what is?. MAP VIPEQ® is a spray applied waterproofing membrane formulated from recycled rubber particles agglomerated with additives for waterproofing roofs or facades. Its application creates a waterproof sheet on flat roofs, roofs and terraces. Later, it can be covered with hydraulic, terrazzo, ceramic or other paving, interposing a geotextile separating sheet or leaving it visible. It can also be used to repair asphalt sheets, valley, bands, etc. damaged by sunlight.

In this case, it is projected onto a flat roof in which we can see one of its great virtues: When projected, it fully adheres to the support, be it old asphalt fabric, mortar walls, concrete, etc. Here it has been finished off in these walls, in vents and chimneys and on a half-cane if necessary. In this case, it was left out in the open, since it is not affected by UV rays like a conventional fabric. Work done in Madrid (Spain).

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