Types of VIPEQ® cork products made from recycled materials ♻️

Foral Community of Navarra
Project description


Ecological and Sustainable:

Our projected cork, in any of its variants, is a sustainable product since it comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and without damaging it!

Thermal and acoustic improvement::

By its very composition, cork offers these properties. cork has been used for centuries!

Flexible and non-burning material:

The coating is very flexible, covering even small existing cracks. In addition, it does not burn and resists UV rays well.


Today we would like to introduce you to the different types of cork products that ✨VIPEQ✨ can offer :

✍️✅ F08 Sprayed cork cladding for facades with coarse finish.

✍️✅ F09 Sprayed cork cladding for facades with fine finish.

✍️✅ F10 Sprayed cork waterproofing for roofs and terraces with fine or coarse finish, to choose.

✍️✅ F08G Sprayed cork coating for facades with thick finish. Applied in large thickness.

✍️✅ F-Granit Granite imitation sprayed cork coating. Unique non-monocolored cork

✍️✅ NL Sprayed cork for structures and chambers instead of cellular glass. Get 10mm. thickness in two layers!

✍️✅ F- Rustico Sprayed cork coating with higher granulometry Our rural finish!

✍️✅ CorkFix Adhesive putty for cracks covering, regulating surfaces or ICB cork plates.

✍️✅ F- Oxiprotec Sprayed cork coating with passivating properties against rust, thus protecting our support.

In ✨VIPEQ✨ we take seriously the responsibility with the environment and the care of our planet thinking about future generations 🌍❤️.

Save water✅, save electricity✅, reduce waste✅, recycle✅, buy wisely✅, care for forests. ✅

✨VIPEQ✨, a planet-friendly brand 🌍❤️.