Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Motrico, Vizcaya (Spain)

Mijoa Auzoa Street, 23
20830 Motrico (Gipuzkoa)
Project description

Rehabilitation of houses in multi-family building isolated in Motrico by means of the corking of projected cork VIPEQ®F08.

The building was very deteriorated by the saline environment and the coastal humidity. The building is only 700 meters from the Saturrarán beach located in the Bay of Ondárroa. Motrico has an oceanic or atlantic climate, this is temperate and humid. The effects on the climate facade were visible since the paint was peeling.

The previous works to the application of the projected cork made necessary the elimination of the painting and the suitable preparation of the support. Once this was done, the facade was coated with the projected cork until it reached a thickness of approximately 3 mm.

The new cork coating projected on the façade will provide it with a protective barrier against cold/heat. Its high durability with a 10-year warranty and increased thermal comfort are two advantages that tenants stand out after each rehabilitation.

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