Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Lequeitio, Vizcaya (Spain)

Barrio San Andrés, 6
Lequeitio (Vizcaya)
Project description

Rehabilitation of the facade of one of the buildings of the Barrio de San Andrés in Lekeitio by means of an external insulation system (EIFS) with an ICB cork agglomerate plate protected against the weather with hydraulic mortar and coated with projected cork VIPEQ®F08 . The neighborhood of San Andrés was built in the 70’s for sailors with social housing. Formed by five blocks in parallel, with interior courtyards closed, is characterized by having a complicated urbanism that has deteriorated.

The system for the rehabilitation of the facade provides several advantages:   

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation   
  • Energy savings
  • Rejuvenates the facade and revalues ​​the building
  • Decrease in the risk of condensation  
  • Increase of the protection of the facade in front of the water
  • Increased durability
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