Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Daltmar, Barcelona, Cataluña (Spain)

Pomer Street, 50
08734 Daltmar, Barcelona (Cataluña)
Project description

Rehabilitation of the façade in a single-family residential building with projected cork F08.

The support was paint aged by the passage of time. The previous works focused on cleaning the support with a pressure washer and repairing small cracks caused by the settlement of the land.

Afterwards, cork was projected in two hands until a thickness of 3 mm was achieved. The chosen color is an extra white, the cork projected more white market. The projected cork will act as a protective barrier against cold and heat in addition to breaking the possible thermal bridges.

The projected cork is a decorative coating applied in a thin layer composed of cork particles and different types of acrylic resins that are applied by mechanical means. The projected cork is amortized in less than 4 years since you do not have to repaint it anymore.

The house is located in the Daltmar urbanization created in the 70s and belongs to the municipality of Olèrdola, in the Alto Penedés region of the province of Barcelona.

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