Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Berrioplano, Navarra (Spain)

Paseo de la Iglesia 1
31195 Berrioplano (Navarra)
Project description

Rehabilitation of the façade of a detached house in Berrioplano through the natural coating of cork projected VIPEQ®F08 color white broken. The owner experienced the feeling of a cold wall inside. With VIPEQ®F08 we have equipped the facade with a barrier against the flow of heat and cold. The support was painted with many chips. Apart from the multiple properties of cork, it is worth highlighting:

The high flexibility of the projected cork allows it to withstand structural stresses and prevent the appearance of microcracks.

With the projected cork VIPEQ®F08 we will maintain the aesthetics during a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.

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