Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Arnprior, Ontario (Canada)

5822 Loggers Way
Arnprior (Ontario)
Project description

Rehabilitation of façade with projected cork VIPEQ®F08 in isolated single-family house in Ottawa (Canada).

The house is located on the shores of Lavergne Bay on the Ottawa River in the Canadian province of Ontario.

The projected cork coating applied on the face brick of the façade will support the Hemiboreal climate present in the area with better guarantees. The Hemiboreal climate is characterized by mild summers and cold winters. There is rainfall throughout the year so there is no dry season. The average temperature of the warmest month does not reach 22 ° C and the average annual temperature is at 5.6 ° C.

With the application of the projected cork we achieve that the house achieves higher levels of sustainability, since it is a renewable or recycled product of the biosphere, such as wood, animal or vegetable fibers, natural paints and varnishes, with low level of processing industrial. The cork projected VIPEQ® is an ecological product that responds to the current requirements of protection and preservation of the environment.

  • Regulates the temperature of our home.
  • Acoustically isolates.
  • Avoid condensations.
  • Avoid microcracks.
  • Guarantees the durability of the facade.
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