Spray quartz terrace with STONE VIPEQ® in Gallur, Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain)

Las Moreras Street, 1 - 2B
50650 Gallur (Zaragoza)
Project description

Waterproofing of terrace with STONE VIPEQ®, color quartz projected in TC-710 color. The properties of STONE VIPEQ® particles allow an impact resistant coating and offer a highly decorative finish. STONE VIPEQ® is a color quartz projected highly resistant and flexible. Once the old support has been cleaned with a pressure washer and repairs are made with flexible mortar, the PRIMER STONE primer is applied with a roller and the STONE VIPEQ® is projected. The STONE VIPEQ® color quartz application is fast and you can enjoy the terrace after 24 hours. The terrace is now passable and is protected from the weather. The subsequent maintenance of the terrace is done by cleaning with clean water.