Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F10 in Arahal, Sevilla (Spain)

Morón-Sevilla Highway, Km. 14, Sevilla
Project description

Coating and waterproofing of roof in Sevilla (Arahal).

The roofs of different units of the Morón Air Base have been covered. The air base is a military aerodrome located 56 km southeast of the city of Seville. Since September 23, 1953, 80% of the base is under US sovereignty, specifically under the control of the United States Air Force.

A common problem encountered in roof and roof repair is the waterproofing of sloped roofs. One of the solutions is to place an asphalt sheet or plate between the shingles and the insulation. If we also want to thermally correct the roof, we can apply a waterproofing cork base coating such as VIPEQ® F10. With VIPEQ® F10 we will extend the useful life of all materials exposed to atmospheric agents on roofs such as tiles, corrugated sheet, corrugated iron and tegola, avoiding the risk of leaks.

VIPEQ® F10 spray cork properties:

  • It acts as a thermal corrector avoiding the heating of the roof produced by the subjection of the incidence of the sun’s rays.
  • It avoids the appearance of cracks and fissures in the covering material of the roofing system and which have been produced by movements, whether structural, thermal or due to incorrect installation.
  • Its special composition of resins give it waterproof properties. It can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Shock absorber (drum effect) produced by rain.
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