VIPEQ®F09 Thermal CorkShield in Barcelona, Cataluña (Spain)

Project description

Good morning everyone!

We want to show you the before and after of this house that our applicator has designed, in which we can appreciate the benefits of our product ✨VIPEQ® F09✨, see for yourself 🤩!

VIPEQ® F09✨ is a mixture of fine-textured cork granules, water-based acrylic resins, organic polymers, mineral fillers and special additives.

Cork is an adaptable material, not heavy and usable both indoors and outdoors 🤩. Among its characteristics are also naturalness and sustainability, which make it an option that respects the environment🌍, committing ourselves 100% to caring for the planet, it is also recyclable ♻️ practically to infinity.

VIPEQ®✨ is a brand that responds to the current demands of protection and preservation of the environment 🌍❤️. And with our 10-year guarantee🦸!

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