VIPEQ® F08 Thermal CorkShield in Zamora, Castilla y Leon (Spain)

Zamora, Castilla y León
Project description


Today’s demand within the construction sector requires increasingly eco-efficient materials. This is also the case for environmentally friendly insulation materials such as cork. ✍️✅

Some of its characteristics and virtues are:

☀️ Thermal improvement ❄️.

🔊 Acoustic conditioner: Reduces reverberation 📢.

☔️ Impermeable to rainwater on vertical surfaces.

🌬 Permeable to water vapor.

〰️ Flexible: Prevents shrinkage cracking.

🧯 Fire protection 🔥.

➖ Seamless and continuous coating.

💨 Breathable.

🌳 Ecological: Environmentally friendly.

🌇 Decorative: Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from.

🔋 Durability: Resistant to the passage of time.

😀 Commitment: We make sure you are satisfied.

Tests performed in ENAC 🔒 📜 accredited laboratory.

For all this 👌, it is considered one of the most implemented eco-efficient materials ♻️🌍 today.

Today we present how this work has been done by our APPROVED applicator in Zamora, Spain where all the virtues of cork are evident.

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