Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ®F08 in Canada

Project description

Good morning!🤩

Today we want to present this work done in this house with our projected cork✨VIPEQ®✨ in which we can appreciate all its benefits, improving the living conditions of its tenants 🏡. In addition, we obtain a thermal improvement, flexibility, breathability, a new ‘look’ and we also protect them with our cork shield 🛡️ and its 10-year guarantee.

Customers have been delighted and are already enjoying their ‘new’ home!

👨‍🏫 Cork is the bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber), a plant tissue that in botany is called phelema and that covers the trunk of the tree. Every year, a new peridermis grows –formed by rings that grow from the inside out of the cork oak- that overlaps the older ones, thus forming this crust.

Cork is a natural, organic, renewable and biodegradable material and 100% recyclable.♻️

Work done in Canada by our approved applicator ✨VIPEQ®✨.

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