VIPEQ®F08 Thermal CorkShield on a facade in Navarra (Spain)

Project description
Good morning!
If you want to get a perfect finished job, it is necessary that you focus on the sanitation of the facade, as long as it requires it, they are the details that in the end will make a difference and will bring you some benefits such as:
• Faster execution.
• Quality in the Executed.
• Leadership.
We want to present the work done in this house. with our VIPEQ® F08 projected cork in which we can appreciate the sharpness in the color and the finish of which is leaving an elegant, sober home, improving the living conditions of its tenants. In addition, we obtain a thermal improvement, flexibility, breathability, a really considerable change of ‘look’.
VIPEQ® is a brand that responds to current demands for the protection and preservation of the environment. And with our 10-year warranty!
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