Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Galicia (Spain)

Project description

Good morning everyone! 🌞 What a change in ‘look’! 🤩 We want to show you the façade rehabilitation of a work carried out in Galicia (Spain) by our approved applicator, in which we can appreciate all the benefits of our product. The result is noticeable on this façade … see for yourself!

What is sprayed cork? 🌳

Is an emulsion of selected cork with special aqueous-based resins, which can be of the chosen color. Due to its high cork content, we can offer a coating that adds thermal enhancement, fire barrier🚫🔥, acoustic reduction, breathable, rot-resistant, flexible and also highly aesthetic. 😎It is mainly used as an exterior coating similar to paint, but offering us much more. With a 10-year warranty ‍♂️🛡️ and proven performance around the world, you are sure to rejuvenate the exterior or interior of your home in an eco-friendly way♻️. Don’t let your money fly away 💸!


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