VIPEQ®F08 ThermalCorkShield, Foral Community of Navarra (Spain)

Foral Community of Navarre
Project description


Today we present this work done in Pamplona, Navarra with our sprayed cork. ✨ VIPEQ®✨  in which we can appreciate the before and after and the thousands of benefits offered by cork. ✨ VIPEQ®

Cork for design is a material of minimum energy cost and maximum comfort applicable in bio-construction architecture, i.e. contruction that uses ecological materials ♻️ and respectful with the environment.🌍❤️. It is also applicable in buildings that want to meet energy saving standards, such as passive houses. Current legislation on energy efficiency and sustainable construction requires measures to be taken to improve energy efficiency.

In this facade with our sprayed cork ✨ VIPEQ®✨ in black and brown, we will obtain a thermal improvement, flexibility, breathability, a new appearence and also it’ll be protected with our Thermal cork shield 🛡️

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In ✨VIPEQ®✨ we take seriously the responsibility with the environment and the care of our planet thinking about future generations 🌍❤️.

Save water✅, save electricity✅, reduce waste✅, recycle✅, buy wisely✅, care for forests. ✅

VIPEQ®✨, a planet-friendly brand 🌍❤️.

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