VIPEQ®F08 Thermal CorkShield in Álava, País Vasco (Spain)

Álava, País Vasco
Project description
Good morning! 🌞
We want to share this work with all of you. It consists of a façade cladding with VIPEQ® F08 sprayed cork in a community of neighbors.
The facade is of great importance in residences, it is the most visible part of the construction, the one responsible for the first impression and the one that connects the interior of the building with the exterior. This external element has a double function: to add an aesthetic value and to apply elements of a practical nature, which are respectful with the environment, such as our projected cork VIPEQ® F08
In this type of residential work on the main façade, the decorative possibilities that the projected cork offers are revealed.
VIPEQ® is a brand that responds to current demands for the protection and preservation of the environment. And with our 10-year warranty!
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