VIPEQ® F08 ThermalCorkShield on a baseboard in Ourense (Spain).

Ourense, Galicia
Project description


Skirting boards on buildings and facades.

What is certain is that the plinth is an element that serves as a foundation base on which to support the rest of the building; it is an element that corrects the unevenness of the ground, separates the building from the ground and serves as a rigid support for the rest of the elements.

We can distinguish between two types of baseboards based on their function.

The foundation plinth. The foundation plinth is an element that acts as a foundation base. Traditionally it has consisted of a large volume of stone that could be hollow or solid.

The plinth as an element of separation from the ground. Although the plinth seems to be born from the need to support the building on a rigid and flat platform, its function as an element that helps to protect from humidity, dirt, etc. is discovered almost immediately.

We seek to insulate and protect the facades from rising damp that may ascend from the ground, from the action of rain and dirt, this is achieved by applying projected cork ✨VIPEQ®🤩✨ a material ecológico♻️, guaranteeing its durability.

Job done in Ourense, Spain by our APPROVED applicator!

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