VIPEQ®F10 ThermalCorkShield on a dome in Argentina

Project description

We want to show you this type of construction different from the usual, but very efficient and ecological, and they are the geodesic domes, also called domes.
They are lightweight structures, adaptable to the environment and quick to build. They offer optimized natural ventilation, with a high solar temperature gain on its surface, making a uniform distribution throughout the structure. They have a watertight roof, no corners for more space and amplitude and a great optimization of materials compared to traditional architecture.

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This is where VIPEQ® provides our materials so that both the waterproofing and the coating remain efficient and environmentally friendly.
This dome was made by an approved applicator with VIPEQ®F10, a hydrophobic projected cork for the final coating of the dome, achieving greater thermal and acoustic insulation than with any paint, in addition to a longer durability and with little maintenance.

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