VIPEQ® ThermalCorkShield on a house in Canada

Project description


Advantages of the use of cork in decoration 🤩.

Among the characteristics or advantages of cork are its resistance to water and fire. It also boasts anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. 😎

On the other hand, the energy efficiency of materials is increasingly being taken into account in decoration. Our projected cork✨ VIPEQ F08✨, copies the relief of the support, leaving it also protected against external agents and obtaining a guaranteed result.

➡️ Benefits of sprayed cork ⬅️

✍️✅ Its effectiveness as a breathable facade coating is very good. We will prevent our house from “sweating”, as happens with plastic paints.

✍️✅ Recommended for problems of rising damp, as an alternative to more expensive and cumbersome systems. Projected cork is breathable, highly adherent and resistant to aging due to water or sunlight. Therefore, it is a resistant and durable solution to alleviate the problems of cold, stains and fungus typical of aged walls or damp soils.

✍️✅ Its characteristic flexibility absorbs structural stresses and prevents micro-cracks.

✍️✅ As a coating, it offers acoustic improvement in buildings to attenuate reverberations, both high and low sound frequencies.

Job done in Canada by our APPROVED applicator.

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