Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Nogales, Sonora (Mexico)

Nogales, Sonora
Project description

Palatial house with façade and interior cladding in fine textured VIPEQ® F09 projected cork in beige colors, located in Nogales, Sonora (Mexico).

It is always a pleasure and an opportunity to be able to contribute, with our projected cork materials, to covering a building of this aesthetic quality.

Enclosures, corners and other decorative elements carved in stone, railings and wrought iron lanterns, combined with the fine texture of the VIPEQ® F09, not to mention the dimensions of this villa, make it a unique work.

Not only has the exterior of the house been covered, but also the interior walls of the house have been made with VIPEQ® F09 in a stronger color than the exterior, contrasting with the white floors and ceilings. The lighting in the living room with spotlights that bathe the wall with grazing light, represent a true litmus test of the quality of the texture and execution of any coating, obtaining the projected cork an unbeatable finish.

Thanks to the thermal behavior of the VIPEQ® F09 projected cork cladding, the exterior walls of this home will see their thermal gain reduced by solar radiation, which will result in greater comfort in the home and lower cooling consumption.

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