Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Almatý (Kazakhstan)

Project description

Rehabilitation of the façade of a semi-detached house with VIPEQ® F08 projected cork located in the city of Almatý.

The house located in Kazakhstan belongs to an area with a humid continental climate with a high thermal oscillation, with annual temperatures of + 40˚C to -30˚C. Conventional façade coatings tend to degrade easily, limiting their mechanical and thermal performance. With the treatment carried out by spraying cork, we will be able to protect the façade from both cold and heat. As usual, PVC downspouts and gutters were also treated, projecting them with cork to integrate them with the new aesthetic.

The exterior metal porch was also taken into account in the façade rehabilitation. Cork was projected on the surface of the metal structure of the porch attached to the main entrance, providing an anti-corrosion treatment while enhancing the aesthetics of the façade as a whole. VIPEQ® sprayed cork has very good adhesion on multiple substrates including metal structures or sheet metal.


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