Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 in Beriáin, Comunidad Foral de Navarra (Spain)

Beriáin, Comunidad Foral de Navarra
Project description

Rehabilitation of the facade of a 173 m2 semi-detached single-family house with projected cork in Beriáin.

The facade of the house was very deteriorated with characteristic injuries of the continuous paint coatings such as: fissures, cracks, lack of adherence and stains.

It was covered with projected cork in two hands including PVC cables and downspouts to integrate all the elements with the new aesthetic of the facade. The face brick present in certain areas of the façade was also projected, highlighting it in maroon color. The projected cork when applied in a thin layer copies the relief of said support. The plinth and pillars at the entrance were lined with STONE VIPEQ® colored quartz for impact resistance.

The house has an attached warehouse of 82 m2. The metal doors were also lined with projected cork in the same main color as the façade.



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