VIPEQ®F09 ThermalCorkShield in an electrical cabinet, in Casablanca (Morocco)

Project description


Today we present a work carried out in Morocco, designed with F09 ThermalCorkShield in an electrical cabinet, in Casablanca.

Metal enclosures are usually coated with paint. Due to the extreme climatic conditions in the area, characterized by high temperatures of up to 50 °C, the paint degrades very easily. Maintenance requires constant repainting of the cabinets. With the projected cork we will avoid the corrosion of the surface and a reduction of temperature considerably, about 20/30%, but being a refrigerated cabin has been reduced by 60%, it will also extend the life of the cabinet considerably lowering the costs of its maintenance.

The treated cabinets are located in Casablanca, Morocco, owned by the company MEGA HISSOTTO MARROC.

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