The benefits of Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ®F08

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Project description

Good morning 🌞

Cork, an ecological material ♻️

Cork is an adaptable material, not heavy at all and usable both indoors and outdoors 🤩. Among its characteristics are also naturalness and sustainability, which make it an option that is respectful with the environment🌍. In addition, it is recyclable ♻️ practically to infinity.

It is the only tree from which the bark can be pulled off without damaging it. On the contrary, you get healthy trees that grow stronger. The ecosystem is also improved🌍 for many native species. Finally, the collection of the cork increases the absorption of CO2. ✍️✅

Advantages of using cork in decoration 🤩

Among the characteristics or advantages of cork are resistance to water and fire. It also has anti-mold and antibacterial properties. 😎

On the other hand, more and more, the energy efficiency of materials is being taken into account in decoration. Our projected cork✨ VIPEQ®F08✨ allows you to get beautiful lines 👌 on the chosen support, copying its natural relief, leaving it also protected against external agents and obtaining a guaranteed result of 10 years ‍♀️🛡️

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