MAP VIPEQ® waterproofing based on recycled rubber particles ♻️

Foral Community of Navarra
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Waterproofing roofs and terraces is the best way to prevent, not only inconveniences derived from water filtrations, but also damages that can become structural in the construction itself and affect other rooms. The ideal action is prevention, to avoid waterproofing when the damage is already done. Also, economically, it will always be a better option.

Waterproofing techniques have undergone constant improvement over the last few years, associated with new materials appearing on the market.

Nowadays, materials that offer great performance are used, such as our ✨MAP VIPEQ®✨ And… what is it? ✨MAP✨ is a waterproofing membrane that is applied projected and is formulated based on recycled rubber particles ♻️ agglomerated with additives for waterproofing roofs or facades. Its application creates a waterproof membrane on flat and sloped roofs, roof terraces and terraces.

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