Waterproofing of a roof with Extrafine MAP VIPEQ® in Catalonia (Spain).

Project description


The importance of doing a good waterproofing with ✨EXTRAFINE MAP VIPEQ® ✨.

Waterproofing increases the value of our property, since it protects it from leaks, structural and electrical damages and also prevents the appearance of the annoying mold, fungi, bacteria and bad odor that can cause respiratory damage, thus generating a great health risk. ❤️

Below, we share with you these simple steps to show you the process of how to perform a correct waterproofing with our material ✨EXTRAFINE MAP VIPEQ®✨.

  • First of all, you should consider the type of climate that prevails in the area.
  • Verify the condition of the terrace, that there are no cracks or fissures, as well as unevenness or puddles.
  • Then proceed to clean the surface.
  • Apply the waterproofing, a reinforcing fabric and a second or third coat as required.

Its application creates a waterproof film on the substrate, remaining totally adhered to the substrate without joints, seams, overlaps or unsightly patches.

This waterproofing can be provided with a thermal improvement by projecting our ✨VIPEQ®F08✨ cork on top; or with a layer of our ✨MAP VIPEQ®✨, afterwards.

This work was carried out in Catalonia by our APPROVED applicator.

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