Roof waterproofing with MAP Extrafine VIPEQ® and VIPEQ® Thermal CorkShield F09 in Navarra (Spain)

Foral Community of Navarra
Project description
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We want to share the work carried out in Navarra with our MAP Extrafino VIPEQ® waterproofing to avoid leaks and leaks suffered by the client
In addition, we apply our VIPEQ® F09 sprayed cork over the entire tile to cover and protect it. With this we will improve thermal comfort, minimize the noise of rain and / or hail and above all … a spectacular aesthetic!
Our MAP Extrafino VIPEQ® waterproofing is available in four finish colors: white, gray, green and orange
VIPEQ® is a Company that responds to the current demands of protection and preservation of the environment
And with our 10-year warranty!
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