Roof waterproofing with MAP VIPEQ® in Tenerife, Canarias (Spain)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
Project description

Good morning to all!. Today we show you the waterproofing of the roof in two adjoining buildings in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain 🏖), carried out by our approved applicator.

Is our MAP® VIPEQ. And what is?. MAP® VIPEQis a spray applied waterproofing membrane formulated from recycled rubber particles agglomerated with additives for waterproofing roofs or facades. Its application forms a waterproof sheet on flat roofs, slopes, roofs and terraces. Subsequently, it can be protected with hydraulic pavements, terraces, ceramic or others, interposing a geotextile separating sheet or leaving it visible. It can also be used to repair asphalt sheets, valleys, bands, etc … that are damaged by sunlight.

With a textured finish and rough appearance, MAP® VIPEQhas the watertightness certified by the ENAC accredited laboratory.

Is available in black, gray, green and terracotta. Plus, with our 10-year warranty 🛡️!

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