Roof waterproofing with MAP VIPEQ® in Chile

Project description

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Waterproofing is very important since it will eliminate leaks and leaks, to avoid the deterioration of the construction this will help to extend the useful life of the property.

It is not worth covering damp spots with paint if they re-form after a while due to seepage of water. So it is more advisable to review the origin of the problem that is causing it for repair.

Moisture can not only damage your home but all the objects that you keep in it such as: your wooden furniture, frames, doors, windows, parquet floors, stored objects, electrical installations, electrical appliances, etc.

The presence of mold on the walls, corners or ceilings is a sign that humidity has taken a long time and you must be very careful since its spores can cause respiratory infections and allergies in your family.

How to waterproof?

MAP✨. And what is? ✨MAP✨ is a waterproofing membrane that is applied projected and is formulated based on recycled rubber particles ♻️ agglomerated with additives for waterproofing roofs or facades. Its application creates a waterproof sheet on flat roofs, slopes, roofs and terraces. Later, it can be protected with hydraulic pavements, terraces, ceramic or others, interposing a geotextile separating sheet or leaving it visible.

Also, with a 10-year guarantee ‍♀️🛡️

It is available in BLACK, GRAY, GREEN and TERRACOTTA color.

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