VIDEO | Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ® F08 on gym in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)

Regina, Saskatchewan
Project description

Laboratory tests have shown that our VIPEQ® Projected Cork absorbs up to 8-10 decibels, making it ideal for homes, homes, gyms, quiet restaurants, or manufacturing facilities inside and out. It is not toxic, on the contrary. It is a Class B fire barrier. Cork naturally contains a fatty acid called suberin, which actually kills mold and bacteria, improving respiratory conditions, making it a great solution for indoor application.

We want to share this work done at the Thom Collegiate in Regina, Saskatchewan, in Canada.

This high school just got a complete wash of its looks on its gym roof. This was accomplished by our applicator by removing the existing ceiling, preparing the gym cover and applying the new ceiling finish with our VIPEQ® F08 sprayed cork. The school now has a long-lasting ceiling finish with all the benefits of our VIPEQ® products. No maintenance, no worries.


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