Façade and Roof with VIPEQ®F08 and Extrafine MAP in Picassent, Valencia (Spain)

Picassent, Valencia
Project description
Hi 🌞!
We would like to present this facade rehabilitation and roof waterproofing in Picassent (Valencia), executed with our spray cork and MAP VIPEQ®, carried out by an approved applicator.
Product tested in ENAC accredited laboratory 🔒
☀️ Thermal improvement ❄️.
🔊 Acoustic conditioner: Reduces reverberation 📢.
☔️ Impermeable to rainwater on vertical surfaces.
🌬 Permeable to water vapour.
〰️ Flexible: Avoids the appearance of shrinkage cracks.
🧯 Fire protection 🔥.
➖ Seamless and continuous coating.
💨 Transpirable.
🌳 Ecological: Environmentally friendly.
🌇 Decorative: Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from.
🔋 Durability: Resistant to aging.
😀 Commitment: We make sure you are satisfied.
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