Encapsulation of uralite with VIPEQ® F10 ThermalCorkShield in Navarra.

Foral Community of Navarra
Project description


The marketing and manufacture of asbestos has been prohibited since 2002, due to its hazardous composition, as it is harmful to health. Fiber cement roofs, known as Uralita, contain a high level of asbestos, and their sale, installation and repair is prohibited.

Sprayed cork ✨VIPEQ✨, is a product tested and certified as a suitable product for encapsulation and protection of asbestos, as it is a lightweight product, with a very high adhesion and resistance.

In this work, ✨VIPEQ®F10✨, a hydrophobic sprayed cork, was applied.

With ✨VIPEQ®F10✨ we will extend the useful life of all materials exposed to atmospheric agents on roofs in general, avoiding the risk of leaks.

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