Thermal Corkshield VIPEQ®F08

Comunidad Foral de Navarra
Project description
Good morning, 🌞 today we will talk about some benefits of projected cork.

The projected cork ✨VIPEQ®✨ is a totally ecological insulator ♻️ that can be projected on any surface with the result of a good insulation in addition to achieving a special color and aesthetics.

➡️ Benefits of projected cork ⬅️

✍️✅ As a cladding, it offers an acoustic improvement in buildings to attenuate reverberations, both high and low sound frequencies.

✍️✅ It lacks toxicity, so it can be used on interior walls, ceilings and floors to heat and acoustically condition homes, offices and industrial buildings.

✍️✅ Its effectiveness as a breathable facade cladding is very good. We will prevent our home from “sweating”, as occurs with plastic paints.

✍️✅ Recommended for capillary moisture problems, as an alternative to more expensive and cumbersome systems. The sprayed cork is breathable, highly adherent and resistant to aging by water or sunlight. For this reason, it is a resistant and durable solution to alleviate the problems of cold, stains and fungus typical of aged walls or damp terrain.

✍️✅ Its flexibility characteristic absorbs structural stresses and prevents micro cracks.

✍️✅ Provides aesthetic finishes, has a durability guarantee of around 10 years and does not need maintenance.

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