VIPEQ®F08 ThermalCorkShield in Navarra, (Spain)

Foral Community of Navarra
Project description


Since ancient times and thanks to the characteristics of cork, it has been used for multiple uses.

Some of the most important characteristics of cork, and the one that gives it an advantage over other materials, is that it is a natural product.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the scientist Chevreul identified Suberin, the most important substance that makes up cork. It is a compound of fatty acids, which provides another of the characteristics of cork, its impermeability and also frees it from bacteria and fungi.

Thanks to being a natural product, obtained from a renewable resource through an environmentally friendly process, it is a 100% sustainable product. Without the activity of cork corking, the ecological stability of the fragile and threatened Mediterranean ecosystem, the cork oak forest, could not be maintained.

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