VIPEQ ® F08 Thermal CorkShield in hallway and shower tray in Parquelagos, Madrid (Spain)

Parquelagos, Madrid
Project description

Good morning everyone!

There is less for the summer🌞 and we all want to enjoy our baths and dips, 🤩 but… so that the fun does not turn into annoyance, it is necessary to maintain both the pool itself and the curb and / or its facilities before, during and after use, without waiting for that last moment, since water is an ideal medium for the reproduction of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, responsible for diseases and infections that can be aggravated.

We want to present the work done with our projected cork ✨VIPEQ®F08✨ applied in the corridor and shower tray in this pool

Cork has a low water content, which makes the proliferation of microorganisms impossible, which gives it unlimited durability. 😎 Unlike wood, cork never rots.

The main cause of putrefaction and degradation of any material is the action of insect larvae, fungi and microorganisms and the main element for their survival is water and temperature. The higher the humidity and temperature, the faster the decomposition of the materials. Cork, due to its low water content, is unassailable by any of these organisms, resulting in completely rottenness. ✍️✅

VIPEQ®✨ is a brand that responds to the current demands of protection and preservation of the environment 🌍❤️. And with our 10-year guarantee🦸!

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